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Our Mission

To break the cycle of poverty and disease by advancing entrepreneurship, health services, and wellbeing.

Together, we can do more.

We envision a future where vulnerable communities are healthy, empowered, and prosperous.


Our Values

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We respect the worth and dignity of all people.


We value and cherish each member of our SOTENI family, our donors, and partners worldwide; they are the key to our growth and prosperity. 


The knowledge, strength, and empowerment of communities produces meaningful, sustainable change.


We are research and data-driven. We pledge to remain good stewards of the resources and goodwill of our donors and stakeholders.


We are transparent and accountable in every situation.


We strive to be agile, promoting collaboration and social equity, sharing knowledge, and applying lessons learned. 

SOTENI is an acronym for Sustainable, Opportunity, Training, Epidemiology, Networking, and Interdependence

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