April is Volunteer Month

Volunteers are crucial to the success of organizations like SOTENI International. Every year, volunteers give over 2,300 hours to SOTENI, here in the U.S. and in Kenya.

Our dedicated Board of Trustees is a diverse group of professionals from around the United States, committed to fulfilling the mission of SOTENI: Alexandra Vrazo (Chair), Victoria Wulsin (Founder, Vice Chair), Lawson Wulsin (Secretary), Tim Deasy (Treasurer), Kathy Burlew, Lynn Deasy, Jonathan Godbout, Hema Krishnan, Daniel Odipo, Joseph Ruter, Sandy Spinner and Tyrone Yates.

SOTENI recognizes our volunteers for their hard work and support:

  • Cassie Booth, Lead Communications Intern

  • Megan Douds, Grant and Microlending Support

  • Matt Gahris, Communications Specialist

  • Jennifer Mooney, Communications Advisor

  • Denise Laidler, Grant Support

  • Aengus Nelson, Program and Bridge Volunteer

  • Bobby Rigsbee, E-Communications Intern

  • Deborah Tyson, Event & Communications Support

SOTENI also welcomes its summer volunteers and interns:

  • Ellen Beaty, Operations Volunteer, Cincinnati

  • Maria Malloy, Events Officer, Cincinnati

  • Martin de Aubyezon, Columbia University Fellowship in Kenya

  • Aengus Nelson, Xavier University, Summer Bridge Fellow in Kenya

If you would like to volunteer or learn more about how you can get involved, please visit https://www.soteni.org/get-involved