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Our Six Guiding Principles

  1. Sustainability through local leadership, infrastructure development, and economic solvency
  2. Opportunity to better the lives of AIDS orphans and other vulnerable people through local, national, and international initiatives
  3. Training of persons with HIV/AIDS, and other stakeholders, to lead the fight against AIDS
  4. Epidemiology to design, evaluate, and replicate programs that reduce the incidence and/or severity of HIV/AIDS
  5. Networking to harness the "time, talent, and treasure" of others to help achieve SOTENI's mission
  6. Interdependence that connects and enriches us all as we work to heal the effects of AIDS and stop its spread in our lifetimes

These six principles serve as guide stars for SOTENI. As you browse our site, you'll see how these principles serve as the inspiration and foundation for all of our programs and initiatives.