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Our Goals

SOTENI International's primary focus is maintaining current programs in partnership with the Villages of Hope and SOTENI Kenya by: 1) fund-raising for operations to support current and future programs in the Villages of Hope, and 2) enhancing our organizational infrastructure. The Board of Trustees' goals include:

  • Develop and implement a plan to raise restricted and unrestricted funds
  • Develop and implement Marketing Plan
  • Ensure quality and sustainability of the Mbakalo Dispensary
  • Establish the AIDS Barefoot Doctors (ABD) program as a cornerstone of SOTENI
  • Strengthen accountability of SI, SK, and SVH
  • Strengthen SI as an organization
  • Strengthen SK as an organization
  • Monitor 2014-2015 budget with quarterly report outs to the Board
  • Develop and implement fiscal year 2015-2016 SOTENI budget and present to the Board