Sponsorship Funding Shortfall

SOTENI's Sponsorship Program, which provides tuition reimbursement and supplies for 40 schoolchildren in rural Kenya, is facing a challenge. With the economic downturn here in the States, some of our dedicated sponsors have been unable to maintain the full level of support for their sponsored child for the past several years.

To ensure that all our sponsored children can remain in school, SOTENI has made up for the funding gap from our operating funds. This has put the organization in a financially difficult position, and we cannot continue to make up the difference.    

As you read in Brian's story (the first story in the August newsletter), the Sponsorship Program is supremely effective in giving destitute orphans and vulnerable children a better chance at life. For the longer term, we are seeking new donors willing to share sponsorship  of a child with current sponsors who are unable to meet their commitments. To address our immediate need, we are asking for your help to ensure that all of the sponsored children can return to school when their break ends in August.  It is "Back to School" time in Kenya, too!


The accumulative funding shortfall for the program is just over $10,000. Through cost cutting measures and the spending of some of our precious operating reserves, we have lowered the burden to $4,000.  We are asking our Board members to step up to meet as much of the remaining shortfall as possible, but any help that you can provide would be sincerely appreciated. A gift of $50 or $100 now would make a huge difference in allowing all sponsored children to return to school.


As you know SOTENI is not a huge organization. We are a Cincinnati-based international non-profit providing staff and operating support for all the programs in SOTENI's four Villages of Hope in rural Kenya.  The Sponsorship Program always was intended to be self-sustaining, and it will be again.   In the meantime, we need help from people like you who care about severely disadvantaged children and their education.  Thank you for your compassion, loyalty and support.  Donate now!  


 Looking ahead, if you are interested in sharing sponsorship of a child with another person,  please call Director Randie Marsh at 513-961-2100.  Your participation as a co-sponsor can keep a child in school and, like Brian's experience, positively affect the rest of his or her life!