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SOTENI Sponsorship Program

Cincinnati high school students created the SOTENI Sponsorship program in 2005 to keep AIDS orphans in school and complement other programs in the Villages of Hope.

The sponsorship program now supports 39 students in primary, secondary, college and university. Through a multi-year commitment, individuals, families, and groups donate $600 annually to assist students with school fees, tuition, uniforms and other clothing, healthcare, food, and psychosocial support. The orphans' extended families and guardians might also receive necessities. During the year, you will receive letters, updates, and photos from SOTENI and the student.

Sponsorship involves:

  • Deciding on a multi-year commitment
  • Selecting a student and signing a sponsorship agreement
  • Sending $600 to SOTENI International
  • Corresponding with your sponsored student

SOTENI recently published a Sponsorship Program Manual, which outlines the roles, responsibilities and benefits of the program for sponsored children, their guardians and their sponsors. To view a copy of the manual, please click here.

Sponsoring a child is simple, but means so much. For information, please contact Randie Marsh, SOTENI International Director, at or 513-729-9932.

The Program's History
In January 2005, two SOTENI interns visited three Villages of Hope in rural Kenya and made a list of 30 children in each area who were eligible for sponsorship. These children were selected based on living conditions, including the HIV/AIDS status of their parents, accessibility to food, and educational opportunities. Once the children were selected, student volunteers in the United States raised money and matched each orphan to a sponsor. The program raised enough money for a full year of sponsorship for 36 children. The program now sponsors 40 students. Our goal is to sponsor 50 among the four villages.

The Program's Future
SOTENI's Sponsorship program will work to:

  • Provide material and social support on a yearly basis for the neediest orphans in SOTENI's Villages of Hope.
  • Build interdependent relationships among sponsors, orphans, and others throughout the United States and Kenya.
  • Empower the sponsored students and others to lead the fight against HIV/AIDS throughout their communities.