Many AIDS orphans in Kenya are so destitute that their lives are at risk.  The SOTENI Villages of Hope have touched the lives of more than 5,000 of those orphans and other vulnerable children.  

In January 2005, two SOTENI interns visited three Villages of Hope in rural Kenya and made a list of 100 of the neediest students in the three SVH areas to be eligible for sponsorship.  These students were selected based on living conditions, including the HIV/AIDS status of their parents, accessibility to food, and educational opportunities.  Once the students were picked, student volunteers in the United States worked on raising money and matching each student to a sponsor.  The program has expanded to all four Villages of Hope.

Individuals, families, and groups donate an annual sponsorship fee to support a student.  This is a multi-year commitment.  The sponsoship fee may provide:  school fees, tuition, uniforms and other clothing, health care, food, and psychosocial support.  The extended families and guardians of the students may also be assisted with the necessities for survival.

SOTENI's Sponsorship Program works to:

  • Provide material and social support on a yearly basis for the neediest students in SOTENI's Villages of Hope
  • Build interdependent relationships between sponsors, students, and others throughout the world and Kenya
  • Empower the sponsored students and others to lead the fight against HIV/AIDS throughout their communities


At this time we are not taking new students.