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Internships in Cincinnati and Kenya

The SOTENI Bridge program (student internships) is designed to train volunteers who desire careers or life experiences in international development.  SOTENI has provided the Kenyan experience to thirty-seven students from around the world.  Twenty-six students have been volunteer/interns in our Cincinnati office.

Cincinnati Interns
Interns in Cincinnati work on projects that advance the strategic goals of SOTENI International. Projects can include fund-raising, volunteer management, grant writing, and other administrative functions.

Kenya Interns
Interns in Kenya work primarily in rural settings and provide support to the community and its leaders. The interns also learn about the rich cultures of Kenya while sharing their own gifts, experiences, and insights.

SOTENI's goal is to enable interns to be AIDS-prevention advocates in both Kenya and their home countries.

Above all, the program demonstrates the principle of interdependence. Interns work side by side with Kenyans to achieve the goals set by the four Villages of Hope.

The first step in securing an internship whether it be for Kenya or Cincinnati, is to submit a resume (curriculum vitae, or CV). To help us get to know you better, we also ask that you respond to the following statements.

We are open to ideas from you about how best to use your skills, energy, and resources.

Applying for an Internship

Please complete the following statements.

  1. I want to work with SOTENI because:
  2. I would like to spend my hours doing:
  3. This experience would help/transform me because:
  4. I bring these qualities/experiences to the position:
  5. My availability for volunteer work with SOTENI is:

(Please indicate the period you are available, how long you are interested in volunteering/interning, and if you are interested in working in Kenya or the United States.)

Your application will be reviewed once we receive the answers to the previous questions, your CV and, for applicants to the Kenya Interns program only, a $25 nonrefundable application fee. Please include contact information with your response. SOTENI will confirm receipt of your application by email. An interview by phone or face-to-face might be requested. SOTENI, a small nonprofit organization, is not able to offer paid internships in most cases. To intern abroad, you must be at least 18 years of age. We accept payment for the Kenya Interns application fee by check or through PayPal.


  • Enthusiasm
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Kindness

Major Steps in Process

  • Prospective intern submits application letter with resume to SOTENI International with nonrefundable application fee.
  • SOTENI International reviews application answers and resume.
  • SOTENI International interviews applicant by phone or face-to-face.
    After acceptance:
  • SOTENI International finalizes dates and cost of internship.
  • Applicant returns signed Letter of Agreement and deposit.
  • SOTENI International orients intern in Cincinnati.
  • Intern departs for Kenya.

Expectations for Interns Working in Kenya

  • Undergo orientation at SOTENI headquarters. During this period, the intern will learn more about SOTENI history, projects, programs, the Kenyan culture, HIV/AIDS, and the intern's focus and assignments.
  • Take one large box of donations to Kenya.
  • Learn the basics of AIDS-prevention strategies.
  • Learn essential skills for functioning in Kenya villages.
  • Report to SOTENI Kenya staff on the progress of their projects and work while in Kenya.
  • Write and submit a detailed report, toward the end of the experience, to SOTENI International and SOTENI Kenya on projects and work, outcomes, and experience.
  • Complete and return an evaluation form on the internship program.
  • Participate in debriefing in Cincinnati.
  • Be an ambassador for SOTENI organization and mission, as personal time allows.

Intern fees are based on your length of stay. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Six-week internship: $2,700 (does not include airfare)
  • Three-month internship: $4,225 (does not include airfare)

Note: Actual intern fees may vary due to cost fluctuations in Kenya.

Airfare fees:
SOTENI makes air reservations for the intern's round-trip travel from Cincinnati to Nairobi, which the intern must reimburse in advance of departure. 

Interns can visit Omprakash for information on obtaining funding for their trip.

Responsibilities of Intern

  • Fees and airfare—the total covers international airfare; SOTENI administration; and training, supervision, housing, and food in Kenya
  • Letter of Agreement (submitted with deposit)
  • Transportation to and from Cincinnati for orientation and debriefing
  • Necessary immunizations
  • Visa
  • Insurance (as intern decides might be necessary in addition to provided insurance)
  • Personal items—toiletries, bottled water, souvenirs, and entertainment
  • Personal communication by telephone, email, mail, etc.

Responsibilities of SOTENI International

  • Orientation and training vis-à-vis international development, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, community mobilization, epidemiology, cross-cultural experience, and other pertinent areas
  • Housing and food while in Cincinnati for orientation and debriefing
  • Travel arrangements to Kenya and travel insurance
  • Overall supervision of all activities related to internship

Responsibilities of SOTENI Kenya

  • Room, board, and hospitality during work in Kenya
  • Orientation and training vis-à-vis Kenyan history, culture, politics, and anthropology; local HIV/AIDS epidemiology; safety; and other pertinent areas
  • Supervision of all activities related to work while in Kenya
  • All work-related transportation

Please contact us for more information.